About Christina Feldt Photography

My photographic work is driven by my restless desire and curiosity about the world and its people. I love to wander, observe and abandon routine, witnessing other people’s lives. Most of my images are grounded in people, their everyday life and stories of human experience. I like to cross boundaries of cultures and language, searching for pure and essential moments...in a face, in a movement, in a daily life, in an action.

I like to play with evocative color, shadows and light. I want to document unique and pure moments from people all over the world, covering topics such as street photography, portraits, movement, religion, everyday life, playing, etc.

I hope that my images can inspire and touch others, bringing people from the other side of the world a tiny step closer to us. If, through my photography, I can bring to my viewers a sense of the people's life and culture, then a big dream is fulfilled.